Hector Bowles

Vice President of the Free Republic of Verdis

Hector Bowles is honoured to serve as the Vice President of the Free Republic of Verdis, a new country in Southeast Europe that aims to be a model of democracy, sustainability, and peace. He was appointed by President Jackson in April 2023. Vice President Bowles has been involved in various music festivals and building projects. He also has been part of “DIY Civilian Support”, an organisation that helps people affected by conflicts and disasters in Ukraine through its “DIY Ukraine” project

Vice President Bowles is excited to utilise a digital system that lets residents and citizens propose, discuss and vote on policies and projects. This will make Verdis more democratic, transparent, and participatory whilst ensuring the greatest use of Verdisian inspiration and innovation to build the nation for all.

Vice President Bowles also wants to help Verdis become a humanitarian hub that can support charities, humanitarian and ecological workers with shared resources, information, personnel and logistics to increase the effectiveness and range of relief operations

Vice President Bowles in 2023